How To Make Your Own Vintage Motor Cycle & Automotive Spare Parts

Teal Volkswagen Beetle car parked beside sidewalk

Vintage Car & Motorcycle restoration enthusiasts all share
one thing in common…

The difficulty in obtaining obsolete spare parts.

How many times have you tried to find a special part for your
restoration project, only to find that it’s unobtainable.

For the home restorer on a tight budget, it is actually possible to put money back into your own pocket… real savings can be made by learning a few simple skills. Lets face it, if you are rebuilding or restoring old vintage vehicles then you most likely already have many practical skills & abilities.

You could expand on your valuable practical skills even more.

Take for instance the dozens of mechanical components that need
to be rebuild/reconditioned… professional re-builders will charge you quite a lot of money for reconditioning parts, which to all intents & purposes could be carried out in the home workshop at a substantially reduced cost.

You may already have the luxury of a lathe, milling machine and
a collection of other associated machines in your workshop.

Cast your mind outside the square for a moment… if you’re unable to produce a part by machining parts from a solid billet,
then all you need to do is to build a simple gas fired furnace,
fabricate some tools, mould boxes, and get hold of some green sand to make your sand moulds, learn some new skills, and you’ll be able to melt & pour your own special aluminium & bronze parts.

Then you will be able to machine them in your lathe etc, to produce low cost high quality spare parts… it is possible… many people have been doing this for along time.

Why don’t you join this select band of people who’ve discovered that casting your own metal parts is not that difficult, once you have learnt the basic techniques of the craft.

Once your mini foundry system is up and running, you’ll wonder why the heck you didn’t discover metal casting years ago.